Where Are Keywords in Google Analytics?

This blog post answer the question, ‘Where are keywords in Google Analytics?’

How to find organic keywords in Google Analytics:

  1. From the left-hand side select ‘Acquisition’.
  2. From the ‘Campaigns’ menu, select ‘Organic Keywords’.

If you’re looking for ‘paid’ keywords, you can also find that under the ‘Campaigns’ section.

Google Analytics Organic Keywords

Now it should be noted that you’re not going to see a list of all the organic keywords used in search engines to find your blog or website. Those days appear to be long gone, but depending on how much website traffic you get, you hopefully will see a list of some keywords, accompanied by other useful statistics, such as bounce rate and pages/session.

Personally I don’t look at organic keyword traffic that often, as my objectives for blogging differ from a SEO heavy strategy. Instead I prefer to blog about what I’m interested in and doing at that time! I’m not saying I don’t look at statistics, because I do and I find the topic interesting.

I think due to possibly seeing so little keyword data, it might be possible to misinterpret the data and perhaps people ‘might’ make a mistake if setting goals based on that data alone.

What I do know is that for a site I manage, I see very little organic keyword data in Google Analytics in relation to the visitor traffic for those same time periods. I’m not saying looking at organic keyword data isn’t useful, but personally I don’t find it as useful as I used to.

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