The case of the noise, corruption and tear in time

A mystery was afoot and Sherlock Holmes wasn’t available to solve…..

A bunch of graphics cards had arrived and I was all too eager to test them. Alas I currently don’t have a test bed system available, so I decided to use one of my P4 computers….bad mistake.

I opened the computer case and replaced the existing card and switched the computer on. It all then went horribly wrong.

The first hurdle was the motherboard ‘beeps’. Easily enough solved and I reset the computer ram and graphics card. The system at last would boot past the bios.

The second hurdle was the computer wouldn’t load into the operating system. Upon diagnostics I discovered I had badly corrupted the partition table. Drive c wasn’t being recognized and unfortunately it wasn’t a simple repair. A boot cd with testdisk to rescue a few genealogy related files to a second hard drive.

The third issue was a ripping noise. I had bent down and heard a tearing noise. I had completely torn my boxer shorts!  I was in no mood to sew and create a pair of frankenstein boxer shorts.

So with deduction, logic and a new pair of boxer shorts the case was closed. I’m already organising the parts to build a test system.

Until next time.

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10 years ago

R.I.P poor boxer shorts … I’m sure your sacrifice will not be forgotten! 😉

10 years ago

*phew* That was some what exciting Mister *removed*. I can really picture you in that whole situation and well…its hilarious even though you might NOT find it funny.:) Glad you and the PC survived. Hope the price you had to pay was not too high.

10 years ago

LoL!!! A nappy? You are kidding me!! 😀 You are one funny Dude!! 🙂
Have a great weekend Sweetie and thanks for your comment on my Blog. Really appreciate that! 🙂