Technika 39″ LCD HD TV Review (LCD39-C273)

This my review of the cheap Technika 39″ LCD HD TV (LCD39-C273), which I purchased from Tesco via eBay in the UK.

Update 24th April 2020: I just wanted to write a quick update. I’m still using this television in my lounge with an old PC, NowTV and TalkTalk YouView Freeview box connected via the three HDMI ports. I hope you find the review below helpful.

Technika 39 Inch HD TV LCD39-C273

I wanted a television upgrade, but was keen to find a deal and this product was what I ended up buying. This review isn’t written by someone with lots of HD television experience. I wanted a large screen, plenty of inputs and to enjoy high definition content.

There are three HDMI inputs and a VGA input. There also is inbuilt Freeview, scart, composite connections, CI and 3.5mm audio output. Plus there is a USB connection for playing content.

Technika 39 Inch HD TV LCD39-C273 Connections

I’ve not bothered to test some features, instead I’m focusing on what I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks, which will provide an honest and realistic review based on hours of use.

Technika 39 Inch HD TV LCD39-C273 Buttons

Here is how I’m using the Technika TV:

  • YouView box via HDMI connection.
  • NowTV box connected via HDMI.
  • Linux computer linked via VGA.
  • Occasionally using the 3.5mm audio to listen to audio.

Please note that the NowTV, YouView and Linux computer are not supplied! These are items I’ve separately purchased.

Watching television shows.

It isn’t a smart television or network connected, which seeing as I paid only £165 for a refurbished 39” television, I’m okay with, especially as I already have the NowTV and Youview devices.

I’m not using the inbuilt Freeview features, instead that is what my YouView box is for and this monster screen makes you realise how bad standard definition content really is! I’ve set the YouView box to maximum volume and then use the Technika’s remote to control the volume.

When I first connected my YouView box, the TV said the HDMI connection was 720p at 50Hz. I then changed the settings on my YouView box and the TV then mentioned it was 1080p at 50Hz. Obviously not forgetting most content via Freeview is not HD anyway.

The NowTV box is for Sky’s entertainment and movie packages. I switch between the NowTV and YouView HDMI inputs by pressing the source button on the Technika remote and then choose the HDMI connection. With three HDMI connections possible, I’m already using two and I’m glad I didn’t buy a TV with just one HDMI input!

Connecting a computer.

Seeing as I’m only using a VGA connection for the computer to television, the quality is surprisingly good. When I power up my computer, the television lists the display as 1920×1080 at 60Hz.

I’ve hooked up a couple of gamepads to my computer and having been playing some Steam games and also the Broforce Prototype game via WINE. As the screen is so large, it means sitting back on the couch and playing a game is a very enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately I’ve not found a way to input the sound from the computer via the television whilst inputting video via the VGA connection.

Light reflection and audio.

I did find the screen is incredibly reflective and a light I had behind my couch can not be switched on at the same time!! Instead I’ve purchased a cheap uplighter and placed it behind the TV, which I feel was an okay compromise.

Not a deal breaker for me, but I don’t think the audio is awesome and that is with my limited experience, though for the price it is definitely fine!


From what I can tell, the Tecknika TV isn’t in the same league as some models. It isn’t just the situation of a lack of bells and whistles, but other factors as well, but that being said, it was cheap, meets my requirements and for £165 was worth every penny. I do wish the aerial, HDMI and VGA connections were underneath the unit, rather than on the side.

Technika 39 Inch HD TV LCD39-C273 Remote Control

It would be nice to purchase a more expensive TV, especially with smart features, but I’ve not had a problem yet with the budget HD television and I don’t regret the purchase.

Any questions?

Whilst I still have this television, I will try and answer any questions posted in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Technika 39″ LCD HD TV Review (LCD39-C273)

  1. Mark Chisholm
    February 12, 2015 at 10:48 am

    IYou don’t know if there are any firmware upgrades for this tv do you? everywere ive looked only have smaller sizes. there is no smart on it only usb.


  2. 8Bit Mammoth
    February 23, 2015 at 7:06 am

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve not looked for any firmware upgrades.

    Best Regards


  3. Jamie
    July 2, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Thanks for the review I am looking at buying the same one and this review is very helpful!

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