Tchibo TCM 234282 VGA Single Chip Driver Working with Windows 10 (Solved)

This blog post is about how I found a driver for the Tchibo TCM 234282 VGA single chip webcam and got it working with Windows 10.

Tchibo TCM 234282 Webcam

Many years ago I purchased this 640×480 pixel webcam at a local supermarket! The supermarket has since changed hands and I don’t use Windows XP. The flexible webcam went into a box and stayed there, unused for many years.

I’m now using Windows 10 and I managed to find a driver that works on Windows 10 and get the webcam working!

It turns out the Tchibo TCM 234282 is also a Trust CP-2300 webcam and although they look very different, the drivers for both are the same.

Below are the ‘how to’ instructions.

Warning: I’m not vouching for the drivers and software below. If you want to try out my instructions, you do so at your own peril.

How to find and install the TCM 234282 driver

  1. Connect the webcam to your computer.
  2. Download the Vista Trust CP-2300 (VGA USB 1.1) webcam drivers and setup application 14893_14823-02_03.exe from here or here.
  3. Run the setup application.Trust CP-2300 Webcam Setup
  4. After installation open ‘Device Manager’, right click on the VGA Single Chip device and remove (uninstall device). *Device Manager VGA Single Chip
  5. From the ‘Action’ menu at the top of device manager, select ‘Scan for hardware changes’.

Under ‘Imaging devices’ you should now see the Trust CP-2300 Webcam displayed.

Imaging devices

The Vista driver I’m using on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit is dated 3/14/2007 and is version

Trust CP-2300 Webcam Properties* To open device manager, you can click on the magnifying glass next to the Windows icon (start menu) and type device manager, and if it’s shown, press enter or click.

How to test the webcam using VLC media player

  1. Open VLC media player.
  2. From the ‘Media’ menu select ‘Open Capture Device…’.VLC Open Capture Device
  3. Select the ‘Trust CP-2300 Webcam’ from the ‘Video device name’ drop-down list.
  4. Type 640×480 in the Video size area.VLC Open Media
  5. Select ‘Play. From the bottom options.

On the front of the webcam, you should be able to adjust focus by rotating the front plastic area around the lens.

How I’m using the webcam
This is a webcam that I originally used with a laptop, but I’m now testing with a tower computer! I’ve plugged the webcam into a USB extender cable and then wrapped the webcam around a plastic bottle and secured with a cable tie. It doesn’t look good, but it is doing the job.

Tchibo TCM 234282 Webcam with cable tie

I’ve owned better webcams and technology has definitely moved on and the video looks bad. There isn’t an in-built microphone. However if you’ve got this device already and have an urgent need, then perhaps this old technology can help.

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Keith A
Keith A
5 years ago

I can’t believe anyone else still has one of these and far more, got one to work!

I got mine which has a Tchibo TCM part number – a very German institution: part coffee shop and discount outlet which for a while had a counter in a local Co-Op; a very British institution that’s harder to describe (but well worth looking up on Wikipedia) – more years ago than I care to remember.

Following your instructions to the letter I too got a Bill Pertwee-vintage Dr Who visual effect… most appropriate given the webcam’s styling powerfully suggests the designer was a Cyberman fan.

Derek Hazell
Derek Hazell
3 years ago

I followed your instructions to a t after finding one of these in my late dad’s stuff, and I have to message to add that mine actually *does* have a microphone feature as well! When I spoke I heard my voice comping back through the laptop speaker!
The built in light is pretty powerful too.
Anyway, nice piece of kit, and thank you for the information!

3 years ago


Last edited 3 years ago by ALEX
3 years ago

Works for my “EverTech” webcam, too. Thank you very much!

Carlo Collodi
Carlo Collodi
3 years ago

You made my day!! Works with 2 of my old webcams and the one that is built in!!

3 years ago


Petr S.
Petr S.
3 years ago

TCM 226878 VGA single chip webcam on W7 works famously, thank you very much for the detailed instructions.