TalkTalk Huawei YouView Box Error “Unable to connect to Netflix”

If Netflix isn’t working on your TalkTalk Huawei YouView set-top box, this blog post should help you.

Netflix unable to connect message

Unable to connect to Netflix. Please try again or visit:

I had just signed up to Netflix and wanted to watch it via my DN372T set-top box. Whilst I was able to use other ‘Players’, such as Now TV, the Netflix player was unable to connect.

TalkTalk YouView Huawei DN372T

I tried the following:

  • I checked that my internet connection was working.
  • I checked for player updates via ‘software information’ under the ‘settings’ section.
  • I turned the set-top box power off and back on.
  • I ignored the issue for a couple of weeks!
  • I performed a factory reset.

Resetting the box solved the problem! To help others, below I’ve provided some instructions.

Warning: The instructions will erase all previous settings, including channel listings and schedules. After following the steps below, you will need to set the box up again and retune your YouView box. Thankfully you can reset the box, but keep your previous recordings.

Note: Before proceeding please make sure the YouView box has access to the internet, via the ethernet connection at the back of the box.

  1. Once, in standby turn off the power to the YouView box using the back power button.Huawei DN372T Power Button
  2. Turn the power back on to the YouView box.
  3. Press and don’t release both the minus and plus buttons, when you press the standby/wake button at the front. Only release the minus and plus buttons when you see the maintenance menu.Huawei DN372T buttons on the left
  4. Use the remote control arrow buttons to select the ‘Factory Reset, keep recordings’ option.DN372T factory resetremote control buttons
  5. Then press ‘OK’ on the remote control to proceed with the action.
  6. If you wish to proceed select ‘Yes’, else select ‘No’.Do you want to proceed

Hopefully once you’ve set the YouView box up again you can use Netflix.

Netflix sign in screen

I was close to contacting TalkTalk support and asking for help, but resetting up the box saved me the time. If I experience problems with any of the players again, I will perform another factory reset before considering my options.

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