Serif DrawPlus X6 Review – Graphics Design Package

This is a review of the graphic design package Serif DrawPlus X6.


Writing this review was good timing, as I had an actual requirement for the package. However like most people, I use the same small collection of packages on a daily basis, and could I easily adapt to another? Plus given that I’m no graphics wiz, could I create something presentable with this package?

Serif DrawPlus X6

The Serif DrawPlus X6 graphic design package caters to a lot of uses, such as designing diagrams and vector art. I can easily imagine people creating ‘infographics’ with this package. Whereas I decided to create a basic map with art deco influences.

What were my exact requirements?

  • Quickly produce a graphic from an idea.
  • The ability to easily adapt and improve over time.
  • To be able to share via different file formats.

These requirements sound straightforward don’t they? However the ability to easily adapt the graphics is something many packages struggle with, especially at novice level – How about DrawPlus X6?

Getting started

After a short time of using the graphics package, I began to become comfortable with the tools and the layout. How simple the layout was, yet the fantastic range of tools available. Even to a novice like myself, it was fairly obvious what many were meant to do. Plus when in doubt, just hover the mouse over a sidebar tool for a description.

After a while, I began to find using the package was fun, especially as I grew more confident. Sure if I was more talented, I could whip together something mind-blowing, but after a few sessions, the quality of my work was improving, helped by the ease in which you can quickly get to grips with what is on offer.

Tweaking my work

Not happy with a line colour? No problem I could easily change it. Picked the wrong font and size, a few clicks and it was changed. As long as I put together my graphic in a sensible manner and keep the original DrawPlus file, I should be able to easily adapt the graphic based on feedback and other requirements.

Growing confidence

Like any good package, as my confidence and ability grew, I was able to achieve more, and I quickly found myself working with layers, different tools, replacing colours and experimenting with different backgrounds I created.

Sharing my work

It was time to share my draft graphic design with colleagues, and I opted to share the work as a JPG image, though I could have easily distributed via a good selection of other file formats.

Anything else?

I also decided to ‘play’ around with the software, to get more of a feel for its capabilities. At one stage whilst I was manipulating a photo I had inserted, and I couldn’t believe how quickly it was handling the conversion work on my old laptop. Plus there are plenty of features for me to explore, learn and incorporate into how I graphic design.


As you would expect from Serif, this isn’t a bug ridden package, but a feature rich package that didn’t crash on me once, and is suitable for users of all levels.

Serif DrawPlus X6 example

To help you get the most out of the package, set aside time to learn the more advanced features and participate in the Serif forum.

Serif DrawPlus X6 packs a punch for a good price. I know I will be spending more time exploring this graphic design software.