Samsung BD-E5300 Network Blu-ray Player Firmware Upgrade and Review

This blog post provides a review and covers a firmware upgrade of a Samsung BD-E5300 network blu-ray Player.

Samsung BD-E5300 Network Blu-ray Player


Note: Whilst the outside of the blu-ray player clearly looks like a BD-E5300, the firmware installed is for a E5400. This is possibly because there are some E5400 components installed. So I might not be using the an actual E5300 model! Perhaps there are two or more versions of the E5300? I don’t have a clue and this blog post details what I purchased and my related experience and thoughts.

I purchased this old blu-ray player at a car boot sale for £2.50 GBP. It isn’t unusual to see blu-ray and DVD players at car boot sales, but often they don’t have the remote controls with them! I was pleased to see the Samsung remote control taped to the top of the device.

When I asked the lady at the stall the price, she grumpily responded, which I suspect with to try and discourage haggling. I didn’t mind and thought it was a fare price, so immediately purchased.

The player is small, unlike the old days with my VHS tape recorders and the ethernet and HDMI connections on the rear are all I need to meet my current needs.

Samsung BD-E5300 Rear Connections

Cleaning the blu-ray player
The device was very dirty so before I began, I removed the dead batteries from the remote control and cleaned the remote and the player.

dirty blu-ray player

I’m used to dirty items being at car boot sales and part of grabbing a bargain at a sale and then gaining satisfaction from the purchase is improving its condition.

Testing a blu-ray disc
Before I went any further, I decided to test whether it still functioned and played a blu-ray disc. My fiancée had purchased a blu-ray disc and it played it without any issues.

Updating the firmware/software
I connected the BD-E5300 to my network via an ethernet cable. Then via the menu system I looked at the current version and was surprised to see E5400 referenced and not E5300. Then I got the player to check for an update and it listed another E5400 update, which I installed.

blu-ray player firmware upgrade

I was surprised that I was installing a E5400 update on a E5300 device. I found others mentioning this and it could be because there are some E5400 components installed in my E5300 player.

I did download the 2017 E5300 firmware/software from the Samsung website and tried to update via USB, but it wouldn’t take. So I’m using the BSP-E5400WWB-1015.5 firmware on my Samsung BD-E5300 device. Strange, but it’s working.

I cannot say whether the age of the firmware will result in any playback issues, as I don’t have that knowledge and own just one blu-ray disc currently!

I assume for other people with a Samsung BD-E5300 blu-ray player, the firmware will actually appear different!

Using the player
I’m not interested in using the USB feature for audio or video and the YouTube feature no-longer works. Shame, but I purchased this to play blu-ray discs and I’m happy with how easy it to use the player.

BD-E5300 Home Screen

I manually set it to 1080p, which my TV can support. This is definitely a basic blu-ray player, but I’m okay with that and don’t need more.Samsung BD-E5300 HDMI resolutions

Samsung BD-E5300 Sound Digital Output

If anybody is interested the remote control that came with my player is a Samsung AK59-00149A remote control.

Samsung AK59-00149A remote control

At the car boot sale I saw the blu-ray disc for one of my favourite movies. I already own the DVD version and whilst it was tempting to buy the blu-ray version, I’ve decided not to.

To replace my favourite DVD’s with blu-ray versions will be costly and instead, I would prefer to have the option to buy blu-ray versions of movies I don’t own.

I often visit charity shops and see blu-ray discs and now with a compatible player, I’ve increased the variety of purchases available to me. Plus given the option between a blu-ray or DVD disc, if I want to, I can choose a high quality viewing experience. Not bad for £2.50 GBP!

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