Review of Sky’s UK NowTV Streaming Movie Service

As my NowTV trial shortly draws to a close, it is time for another review of the UK internet movie streaming service from Sky. This review does not include NowTV’s new Sky Sports offering.

I’m bursting, struggling to fit one more movie in, akin to Monty Python’s wafer thin mint sketch. Gluttony occurred and I’m ready for a detox. The selection of ‘recent’ movies on offer is superior to the Lovefilm and Netflix UK offerings, but without moderation, this buffet of movie delights has saturated my lust for blockbuster movies.

NowTV screenshot 1

What NowTV provides is incredible! The animations section is a bit light for my liking, but my girlfriend and I have enjoyed many a fine movie, with no adverts and the quality of the video stream has not been found wanting.

NowTV screenshot 2

The NowTV movie offering definitely stands head and shoulders above its competition. For me this isn’t a year round service, but perhaps something to subscribe to during December, to up the quality of Christmas movies to pig out on. Although I feel the monthly subscription cost is reasonable for what is provided.

Though over the last few days I’ve been thinking about TV shows, which alas NowTV lacks. I almost succumbed to a Lovefilm renewal to partake in Castle and Warehouse 13. If NowTV offered a bundle of old TV shows, I might be considering sticking around longer.

However my conclusion is that whilst NowTV is great, spring will soon be knocking and I should allow other activities to distract, thrill and delight. NowTV provides a great easy to use movie streaming service, but for me renewing my monthly subscription is both unwise and isn’t required.

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