Retrieve web pages, use ping, whois, dns lookup and trace route via email

There are services on the internet that will send you via email a file, a web page or you could perform a ping, dns lookup, trace route and much more.

15th Aug ’11 Update: The malch service mentioned below no-longer provides the services referred to. I’ve not used the Webgate service for many years, so unsure if still active.

This could be ideal for when you only have access via a mobile phone with email or perhaps for people with bandwidth issues. E.g. Prepare your emails offline before connecting to the internet.

I tried out a few tests with Webgate coupled with the fantastic online tools at and was very impressed by the response time of the server, often receiving a response within a few minutes.

Note: You use this at your own risk. I don’t know whether Webgate keeps your email addresses or not and you take sole responsibility for any problems that arise from receiving an email from them and the html files from

I won’t cover completely what Webgate and the tools can do, but here is what I tested.

1) Open your email client.
2) The email address to send to is:
3) Type nothing in the subject line, but in the body type any of the following…..

To retrieve a web page in HTML format type:

Perform a PING & DNS Lookup type:

Trace Route type:

Whois (.com only) type:

(note: my blog shortens the urls, so hover your mouse over the url to see the full url in your browser bar or right click, copy and paste to notepad)

Where I have typed in the url type the actual domain name you are doing the query on. Also for mobile users you could save the messages and then edit for different domains, instead of retyping.


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