Problem: VEGAS Pro 15.0 MP4 No Audio (Solved)

This blog post tells you how you can solve the problem of no audio when you open a MP4 file in VEGAS Pro 15.0 to edit.

Solution: You can create a second ‘rewrapped’ MP4 file using VLC media player, that VEGAS Pro 15.0 should hopefully load the audio.

Warning: I recommend you edit a copy of a MP4 file and you might want to keep the original files until you’re satisfied you don’t need them.

Note: VLC 3.0.8 Vetinari running on Windows 10 was used when creating the steps below.

A screenshot of VLC media player

A screenshot of VLC media player

How to rewrap a MP4 file using VLC:

  1. Open the VLC media player application.
  2. From the ‘Media’ menu select ‘Convert / Save…’.
  3. Add the file(s) you wish to rewrap, then select ‘Convert / Save’ at the bottom.
  4. Select the correct profile from the list (i.e. H.264 + MP3 (MP4) and then select the spanner icon.
  5. Under ‘Encapsulation’ make sure MP4/MOV is selected.
  6. Under both ‘Video codec’ and ‘Audio code’ make sure ‘Keep original…’ is selected, then select ‘Save’.
  7. Under the ‘Destination’ either type a filename or if converting multiple files, select the ‘Append ‘-converted’ to filename’ option.
  8. When ready, select ‘Start’.

Now try importing the new MP4 into Vegas Pro and hopefully the audio appears along with the video. You can also use VLC to batch rewrap multiple MP4 files.

I’m not saying this solution is ideal, but it is what I did to quickly get around the issue and enabled me to have audio.

VEGAS Pro 15 is currently my favourite video editing software and I’m still exploring the features. Whilst I used VLC as a workaround to rewrap a MP4, it’s not going to stop me using VEGAS Pro.

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