Personal Finances Spreadsheet (Free Download)

I could of started this blog with an introductory post, but instead I’m sharing a personal finances spreadsheet.

[download id=”35″]

Using my own personal financial spreadsheet as a rough template, I’ve created a download that is simple, easy to modify and is best opened via LibreOffice’s free Calc application.

This spreadsheet is useful for those struggling, but can also help people maximise their income and help people in a pursuit of a lifestyle change.

Here is how a similar spreadsheet helped me last year:

  1. I was able to monitor actual outgoings.
  2. Helped me identity areas to change and focus on.
  3. I found useful when setting realistic budgets for key areas.

This spreadsheet should be modified to suit your own requirements, such as adding a second income, setting aside money for holidays or focusing on wiping out a loan.

There probably are better spreadsheets or ways of monitoring money, but this is based upon a spreadsheet I’ve created and used for years, and it works for me.

You can download the spreadsheet here: [download id=”35″]

If you do decide to download the spreadsheet, a ‘thank you’ in the comments would be appreciated.

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