Paint Shop Pro 9 – Batch Image Resize

I’m a big fan of Paint Shop Pro, and have used the package for years. I wanted to batch resize a folder full of images, so I created a script to help me. This blog post tells you how I created and use a Paint Shop Pro batch image script.

Record a macro

Step 1 – Record a resize.

I opened an image to resize, and then using PSP’s macro option, I recorded myself resizing the image, and saved the macro / script. I didn’t save the image file before saving the script.

Step 2 – Edit the script.

From the drop-down list of scripts, I found the script I had just created, and then selected ‘Edit Selected Script’. I then selected ‘Text Editor’, to open the script in notepad, ready for editing.

Step 3 – Change the values.

I then changed the ‘aspectratio’ and ‘height’ values to None and saved the script.

1280 PSP9 batch image resize script

1280 Paint Shop Pro 9 batch image resize script

Why? Well I’m only interested in a width of 1280, and when working with landscape and portait images at the same time, these settings with values, can distort images.

How to use the script

Step 1 – Open the batch menu option.

From the file menu I select ‘Process…’ from the ‘Batch’ menu item. I then select the files I will be changing.

Step 2 – Configure the batch process.

I select the script I created and then I select ‘Use Script’, and make sure ‘Silent mode’ is ticked as well. Then I configure any other options, such as file formats, locations etc or just use overwrite.

Step 3 – Run the batch process.

Lastly I select ‘Start’ when I am ready to run the process.


Using this process I just resized 73 4608x files which took up 65.3MB of space to 1280x pixel width. Now the 73 files take up 10.8MB of space! The whole process took less than a couple of minutes on my Core Duo laptop. Which in this instance, means I can upload a gallery of photos to this website, whilst not taking up lots of bandwith.

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