Microsoft Windows 7 Public Beta

Microsoft have released a public beta of Windows 7. This version will work until 1st August 2009.  If you do use the operating system consider data safety and security, it is a beta of an operating system after all. I am going to install it on a spare computer, not go near public wifi, not use for email, not store critical data on the hard drive… you get the picture. Consider data safety and your security.

You can find the specification and requirements here:

If you are going to try the beta, make sure you backup any important data on the computer you will try it on beforehand. You will need to burn the downloaded iso image to a dvd. So you need a dvd burner and a piece of software to burn the image also.

Anyhow what’s the process for signing up and downloading? These were the steps I went through.

1) Go here:

2) Select 32bit or 64bit depending on your pc.

3) Register for the beta programme.

4) Verify your email.

5) Click on link in email.

6) Sign in with a Windows Live ID (same as msn messenger user id)

7) Be presented with a product key.

8) Download (2.4 gig) iso.

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Dion Rodrigues
Dion Rodrigues
12 years ago

I’m very excited about the final release of Windows 7, the beta is wonderful and it definitely tops Vista at everything!!

Apple will have a hard time beating Windows 7 with its next Operating System, Snow Leopard, unless they can do something really big 😉