July 2019 (Phones, RTS gaming, Streaming, Photography and Video Editing)

This is my monthly tech blog post where I cover topics I might not have blogged about, tech I’ve began to play about with or I’m just letting you know about progress with something. All the content relates to the previous month.

July was the month where sadly due to the heat, I disconnected and moved my second monitor and temporarily replaced it with a fan. I used different mobile mobiles in July, played an old RTS game, dived into the world of 4K video rendering and did other tech activities.

What is covered in this blog post:

  • Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F & G900T phones
  • BBC iPlayer and Rakuten TV
  • Red Alert 3 LAN multiplayer co-op
  • Small light box
  • Vegas Pro 15
  • What’s coming up

Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F & G900T

I’ve been impressed by the 6s and S5 models. I don’t think the 6s is worth more than a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I like the fact that you can remove the S5 battery and add a microSD memory card to the S5, which makes the S5 my preferred phone.

Three phones

Left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F and G900T phones.

That being said, I like the huge amount of internal storage on the Apple iPhone 6s that I own and I prefer the slightly smaller screen size of the 6s, compared to the G900F or G900T.

I will definitely write more about these phones in future posts.

BBC iPlayer and Rakuten TV

My girlfriend and I watched Killing Eve season 2 on the BBC iPlayer, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as season 1.

Rakuten TV sent my girlfriend and I an email, asking us to complete a survey and the reward was a free HD movie rental! I enjoyed Bad Times at the El Royale, which starred the fantastic Jeff Bridges.

Red Alert 3 LAN multiplayer co-op

Red Alert 3 is an old RTS game that my girlfriend and I play together at our home using two different computers and a LAN connection. Every so often I will play a skirmish on my own.

Red Alert 3 screenshot

Red Alert 3 screenshot

It’s an old real time strategy game, but we like it and we always play on the same team, against medium or hard enemies.

Small light box

I’ve setup a small light box on top of a unit. I don’t plan on having this as a permanent setup and just for the next few months. I’ve taken some nice close-up photos using this box.

small light box

small light box

Vegas Pro 15

I purchased the Vegas Pro 15 video editing software as part of a Humble Bundle a while ago and I’m glad I did. Even though I’m only running an old quad core CPU with a GT730 graphics card, I’m mainly editing and rendering 4K video files. My computer isn’t good for working with 4K files and patience is needed.

I really like the software and I’ve found it easy to use. I’m thinking about writing a more detailed blog post soon about the software.

What’s coming up

I’ve been using a camera that I fixed and I will blog about the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F and G900T phones. I’m also going to blog about an old Panasonic camera, the Snatch mobile game and plenty of other topics.

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