I brought a new printer

As part of my efforts to create a more flexible home working environment, I’ve brought a new wireless printer.

Canon MX435 printer


The printer I brought was the reasonably priced Canon MX435, which can:

  • Connect to via wifi or usb.
  • Scan in multiple pages via sheet feeder.
  • Be used as a fax.
  • and much more.

Back in my early working days I used to use a fax machine all the time, accompanied by tipex. The last time I sent a fax was from a shop, to send an agreement overseas many years ago, so I can’t see me needing that facility any time soon.

It took me about thirty minutes to set the MX435 up, and although it takes up a large amount of space on a table, I am very happy with it. This beast of a printer, now means I can print via my laptop, without being in the same room, which is ideal for flexible working.

I only received the printer yesterday, and one of the main requirements of the printer, will be to scan in numerous documents. I already have a scanner, but I am keen to use the auto-feed option, to speed up my scanning and help vanquish the large collection of paperwork I have.

I will blog more about my experiences with this printer soon, but for the price it seems like a great deal.

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