Creating a Flexible Working Environment

This blog post is about creating a flexible working environment.

B&W Laptop

2021 update: I’ve written an update at the end of this blog post.


One important aspect for me personally when working from home, is to be able to be flexible with my working environments from time to time, especially as I don’t live in a large property.

For example I currently live in a one bedroom flat, so it is especially important that I can be flexible when guests are visiting, during DIY and other activities that require me to move between areas.

I’ve already been on the path to a more flexible working environment for a while:

  • Got rid of my desktop computer, use laptop(s) instead.
  • Have a Wi-Fi network setup.
  • Have a NAS box accessibly via Wi-Fi network.
  • Recently purchased a Nexus 7 tablet.

Now I’m about to buy a wireless printer, which also has a scanning option. Basically I can be anywhere in my flat, and print. Not a breakthrough in technology, granted, but for me it means saying goodbye to my old USB connected printer and scanner.

Instead of two chunky items taking up space, one taller item taking the place the scanner was hogging.

Another benefit of the new scanner will be the ability to scan thirty documents in one go. Huzzah! That beats me manually scanning in one item every minute. Why am I excited about this? I’ve got about ten lever-arch folders full of old paperwork I want to scan in, and then shred! Though even if I am scanning in a few pages, it should still save me time with it’s auto-feed option.

Anyhow I am investing in my working environment, to make better use of space and provide more flexibility. Which is definitely required at the moment, as we are decorating our flat currently, so where I am typing right this minute, won’t be available at times, whilst paint dries, carpet is laid, furniture is moved etc.

Final thoughts

Another important detail, is that I am creating a more robust backup procedure, including off-site. So if my laptop is stolen, the flat burns down or many other options, I will be able to recover most of my data, and move forward quicker. I will blog about this more in the future.

2021 Update: I originally published this blog post here eight years ago. My primary computer is currently a desktop PC, but I still use a laptop and tablet. I use a mixture of Wi-Fi and wired network access for my home working environment. I still use a NAS and own the same printer!

I own a couple of ‘lapdesks’ and using my laptop I’ve got different areas which I can work at home, such as a sofa, bay window seat and even on my bed! Though I spend the majority of my working day sat at a desk, using an old PC with a couple of monitors.

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