Huawei DN370T Youview Set-top Box Supplied by TalkTalk

This blog post provides insight, tips and solutions to problems related to the Huawei DN370T YouView set-top box, which I was given as part of a package by TalkTalk in the UK. Without doubt the box isn’t the quickest, most responsive and I wish I had a newer improved model, but I find it still usable.

TalkTalk Huawei dn370t Youview Freeview set-top box

Here is what I’m covering:

  • The box freezes during boot up.
  • It has become sluggish.
  • The programme info is missing.
  • Low signal strength and quality.
  • Audio output not via HDMI.
  • HDMI to DVI output.
  • Using the volume buttons.


I’ve blogged before about YouView via TalkTalk using the Huawei DN370T box. I believe Huawei built the box, YouView create the software and TalkTalk choose how it is packaged? I could be wrong, but regardless it provides a lot of functionality, though I do wish it could do more.

I’ve noticed many people have run into trouble with either the same setup as me or similar. I’ve also had a few headaches recently using the set-top box with TalkTalk, but there were a few actions I took to help me overcome these issues / problems which i will cover in this blog post.

Before I get started with my insight and tips, I believe there is actually a software update rolling out, which alas I’ve not received yet. I don’t know if the update resolves some issues mentioned below. At the time of writing, I’m running the 70.30.09 software.

Huawei dn370T software version

Missing programme information

Whenever the programme info is missing, the only way I can solve the problem is by rebooting the device. Sorry I can’t provide a better answer in this instance.

Box freezing at boot and sluggish behaviour

With regard to the box freezing and sluggish behaviour I did two things, which either both helped solve the problem or one or the other did! I happened to be running low on hard drive space and kept hovering above and below the 5% level, so removed a lot of recorded items to go into the double digits for available HD space.

YouView Hidden Channels

Secondly I rescanned the box and later hid a lot of channels that I don’t watch, such as the porn and shopping channels.

Also not proven, but the box became unresponsive a few times after my powerline adapter had been off for a while. i.e. It was disconnected from my network. Whether a coincidence or not, I don’t know, but felt worth mentioning.

Low signal strength and quality

With my previous freeview receiver I ran into trouble with signal strength and quality and again needed to address the problem with the Huawei box. Weather and even nearby vehicles seemed to make the situation worse and signal was either lost of would break up!

TV Aerial Signal Booster 4G Filter

I didn’t want to look at my aerial and was fortunate that by adding an aerial booster with a 4G filter I was able to solve the problem. I’ve just looked up the details and the aerial booster I purchased was the SLx 27828HSG, which comes with 4G filtering.

Poor aerial signal strength

For one channel it meant an improvement of 21% signal strength and 40% signal quality.

Improved aerial signal strength with a booster

Audio output to 3.5mm jack and DVI monitor

I’m now using a HDMI television, but originally had the YouView box connected to a large computer monitor! I used a few cables to connect a SCART to composite and then the composite to 3.5mm connection for speakers and headphones!

I also used a HDMI to DVI lead to connect the YouView to the monitor. Which meant I was watching via HDMI, but listening via a SCART connection without any problems!

On a related note, when I upgrade to a HDMI TV and replaced the lead with a HDMI only, the screen colours were not correct with a weird overlay, which was resolved by rebooting the box.

The volume buttons

Why supply a remote control with volume buttons that are not easy to use? By default the volume buttons are disabled. However if you press the volume down button and info button at the same time for a few seconds until the TalkTalk button flashes, you can adjust the sound level!

Update 20th Nov 2015: Also see the comments about the TalkTalk box volume.

Huawei DN370T remote control

If you wish to disable the volume, just press vol up and the info button until the TalkTalk button again flashes.

Let’s wrap this blog post up!

Even with the problems I’ve enjoyed using the hardware with YouView via TalkTalk.

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peter harvey
peter harvey
7 years ago

regard to volume reset. tried the info/vol- but didnt work. by chance tried o.k./vol- and it did. just to add to your blog.