HP Compaq T5520 Thin Client Specifications and Photos

This blog post has specifications and photos for the HP Compaq T5520 thin client.

A photo of the HP Compaq T5520 Thin Client

Please note: I believe this information is accurate, but please presume there could be errors and don’t hold me responsible for any costs or problems. Also I presume that manufacturers sometimes make changes to hardware. Also I don’t own a stand for the thin client!


I purchased the old T5520 2020! The 2006 thin client is old and low spec which means for some people it’s not worth using. However I’m currently having fun, seeing what I can do with the thin client and at the time of writing, I’m currently using FreeDOS on the device.

BIOS Password: If you can’t gain access to the T5520’s BIOS settings due to a password, I’ve written a blog post here about how to remove the password.

HP Compaq T5520 specifications

  • Released 2006
  • 800MHz 32-bit VIA Eden ESP 8000 processor
  • 128MB RAM (not removable) – BIOS reports as 112MB
  • 64MB Flash Memory (removable)
  • Microsoft Windows CE 5
  • 4xUSB ports
  • 1xRJ45 Ethernet
  • 2×3.5mm audio ports (1xinput 1xoutput)
  • PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse port
  • VGA,Parallel & Serial ports

Some Chip details

  • VT1211 (I/O)
  • VT1612A (AC’97 sound)
  • VT1603

Other details

  • Network interface VT30651
  • Phoenix AwardBIOS

Flash memory

  • Apacer 64MB 8c.49014.5200b

The photos

I thought it would be helpful to provide hardware, BIOS & Windows CE photos to help others.

Rear photo of a thin client

A photo of part of a thin client case

On my case it says t5000, but it’s actually a t5520 inside.

A photo showing the inside of a t5520 thin client

Another photo of the inside of a t5520 thin client

A photo showing memory in a t5520 thin client

A BIOS screen on a t5520 thin client

A BIOS screen on a t5520 thin client

A photo of Windows CE system details for a t5520 thin client

My thoughts on using the T5520 without Windows CE

From my perspective, when replacing Windows CE the biggest problem with this thin client in 2020 is the 128MB of non-removable RAM. Also 64MB flash memory is an issue and rather than looking to see if I can replace the flash memory, I’m currently using a USB memory stick for additional storage.

Final thoughts

There are better thin clients that you can do far more with. I’m not going to walk away from this device yet and at some stage I plan on publishing a blog post about using FreeDOS on the T5520.

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