How to Set the Time on a Casio F-91w Watch and Review

This blog post is about how to set the time on the Casio F-91W watch and includes a review.

Casio F-91W Watch


As part of a collection of birthday presents I purchased for my wonderful girlfriend last year, I purchased a purple Casio watch. We often are out and about, so if it got scratched or damaged, it wouldn’t really matter and could cheaply be replaced.

Turns out it was a great gift and it has been used for over a year. I’m not going to bother looking up the history of the watch, but the lightweight watch has the 80s look and can be classed as retro.

I just looked on eBay and there are lots of listings for new versions in a variety of colours. I didn’t realise how many there were, so perhaps or all of these are fakes? I hope not! I don’t have a clue, but the watch I purchased for my girlfriend last year was stocked in the UK, arrived quickly and the battery is still going.

Casio F-91W Watch Face

How to set the time!

Setting the time and date is easy… once you know how!

  1. Press the bottom left button a few times until the time flashes. *
  2. Use the bottom right button to set the option.
  3. Use the top left button to change to another option. i.e. minute, hour, day etc.
  4. Don’t press a button and eventually it will save and reset. **

* If this doesn’t work, press the top left button once or twice to change the back-light colour and then try option 1 again.

** Supposedly you should press the bottom left button at the end of adjustments to save, but it kept resetting the watch when I did this and found the above solution in step 4 worked for me.


It isn’t exactly a feature rich watch, but it is cheap, light and is available in a good selection of colours. I’m glad I purchased this watch for my girlfriend.

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2 months ago

*edited* So you asked about the history of the watch, theres a good one for ya.Thanks for your instruction, I was having prob with 4 and your help was appreciated.