How To Program A Sky Remote Control With a Four Digit Code (Technika 39” TV LCD39-C273)

This blog post tells you how to program a Sky remote control with a four digit code to work with a Technika 39” HD LCD39-C273 television.

Three Sky Remote Controls

I own a Technika 39” television and recently purchased a few Sky remote controls (as you do). For no reason, I decided to see if I could use a Sky remote control with this television.

Using a four digit code I was able to program the Sky remote to work with the Technika TV.

Sky Remote Control

How to program a Sky remote control:

  1. Press the TV button on the remote control.
  2. Hold the Select and Red buttons until the light flashes twice.
  3. Enter a four digit code for the TV. i.e. 2134
  4. Then press the select button.

I then looked at what the buttons did and I’ve created a table for others to use:

Sky Remote Control Button Technika TV function
Power Turns the television on and off.
Help Input Source
i (info) Configuration
Channel – & + Channel selection
Numbers Channel selection
Volume – & + Volume
Back up Back up

Now if I ever lose or break my original remote control for this TV, I will just use an old second-hand Sky remote control instead!

I hope this blog post helps someone and please leave a comment below.

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