Generic Cheap USB Clip MP3 Player Review

This is a review of a cheap generic USB clip MP3 player (the ones without a screen).

USB Clip MP3 Player

My girlfriend and I both used these players for a while, but after many months we sold them. I’ve noticed that these MP3 players still sell on eBay and I thought I should write a blog post about them.

Two MP3 Players

Please note: I don’t know who makes the devices and perhaps it is more than one manufacturer, but I don’t know if that is the situation, hence why I’ve put ‘generic’ in the title of this blog post. So my mp3 players might be slightly different to others and you should consider that when reading the review.

Side of a Blue MP3 Player

What I used the USB clip MP3 for?
These are not good mp3 players, but the ones I used were durable. Due to the cheapness, ease of use and the clip, I would use the device whilst cooking or performing DIY around my home. I’m not recommending you do the same, just telling you what I did.

Pink USB Clip MP3 Player Headphones and Lead

I would thread the headphones up underneath my top, so that the cable didn’t get in the way. I didn’t have to look at the device to be able to jump to another song or change the volume.

I didn’t always listen to music, but would place podcasts on the device. Though this really isn’t a device for podcast listening, as it lacks the features you need for podcasts or audio books.

Using a microSD card
My generic mp3 players didn’t have any internal memory and therefore require a microSD card to store the mp3 files. I had plenty of old microSD cards lying around, that I had previously used in mobile phones. I think an old 2GB microSD card was more than enough space for mp3 files.

Pink USB Clip MP3 Player

Using the headphones
I have a couple of good set of headphones, which are totally wasted on these types of devices and actually using them, highlighted the lack of quality, and so I just used cheap headphones. I ended up by replacement headphones from a pound shop in the UK, when I killed my pair.

Alternative to a generic USB clip MP3 player
I purchased a SanDisk Clip for my girlfriend and later I was also given a SanDisk Clip as a present. I use the SanDisk clip for audio books, music and podcast listening.

I will write a review about the SanDisk Clip sometime, but will mention, whilst the SanDisk is a lot more expensive, I think it is a great device and far superior to the generic USB Clip MP3 players I have used.

Final thoughts
My girlfriend and I sold our generic USB clip MP3 players on eBay at Christmas. I think they were purchased as cheap stocking fillers, which isn’t a bad idea for some people’s requirements.

If you’re looking for an alternative to listening to music on a mobile phone, these generic devices are not a good alternative.

If you’re looking for something that you want to use for music, but you don’t want to worry too much if it gets damaged, due to the cost and you don’t require sound quality or features, then perhaps consider. If that is the situation, be careful not to spend much money on a microSD card!

As I mentioned, I’ve moved onto a SanDisk Clip and I’m glad I did so.

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