FAQ for New Website Administrators

When you are new to websites there are many questions that need answering. The truth is you never stop trying to find answers to questions, as you continue your own personal development as a website owner, as well as developing your website. This FAQ answers some of the basic questions that new website owners will probably have to address.

Q. How do I upload files to a linux web server?

A. In most instances you should use a FTP client to directly upload files to your website host. One of the best FTP clients which is available for many linux distributions and Microsoft Windows, is the FileZilla FTP client. It enables you to manage files for multiple accounts and takes the pain out of file and folder management via FTP.

Q. How do I create a .htaccess file?

A. You can create .htaccess files using a text editor. The easiest way for Microsoft Windows users is to create a htaccess.txt file, then once you upload it to your server, you just rename it .htaccess . For linux users you can create a .htaccess without hassle. If you need helping actually creating the code to go inside your .htaccess file, you can always hire DSNetworx.

Q. How do I export a MySQL database?

A. Many people can easily do this via phpMyAdmin, which their web host might have installed, and it could be accessible via a control panel. Sometimes control panels have other facilities available to download a MySQL database. Other methods include installing the phpMyAdmin package yourself which we recently covered on this website. Also if you are using a CMS such as WordPress, there are various plugins available that will allow you to export a MySQL database, including automating the process.

Q. What is a website cache?

A. A website cache takes the pressure off database systems such as MySQL. It is when static files have been created of pages and / or posts, reducing the access requirements on a MySQL to server up the same data. This means a website can cope with higher volumes of traffic, as the MySQL server isn’t being utilised as much.

Q. How do I edit a website theme or template?

A. Many contact management systems enable you to edit the files via the CMS. Also you can use a text editor such as gedit or notepad++ to edit the files yourself. This naturally involves download a copy to edit, then re-uploading when finished. If you are in a development phrase you should setup an in-house development server to save you time and enable you to design and develop your website quicker.

Q. How do I find a colour code for a colour in an image file?

A. Using software such as the GIMP, you can use a tool to discover the html colour code of a pixel in an image. This means you can then use the same colour either within you website main content, else as part of the design.

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