DVD-ROM PDVD-850 CitiRom and Shining CardBus/PCMCIA Adapter

I’ve just tested my old external dvd drive and thought I would provide some details. Mainly because these notes could help someone install their drive and resolve issues.

The DVD drive has a model number PDVD-850 and is called a CitiRom. The adapter is called a Shining CardBus IDE Controller, but also I believe is rebranded as Addonics CardBus IDE Controller.

For Windows XP you can use the Windows 2000 supplied drivers. I’ve never been able to use this device via PC power. I’ve always had to have it set to DC and powered via the mains. Don’t be fooled by the red light working!

Upon trying to install the device without it set to DC power I receive a ‘This device cannot start (code 10)’ error message. When I install with the DC power it installs perfectly.

Here are the steps…

1. Run the CitiRom setup program.
2. Now insert the PCMCIA adapter into the PCMCIA slot with the CitiRom attached and powered.

If the device installation fails manually install the driver.

1. When prompted select ‘Install from a list or specific location.’
2. Then when prompted select ‘I will choose the driver to install.’.
3. Now select ‘Have disk.’.
4. Browse to the Win2000 directory or similar. Perhaps a WinXP2k directory and select the driver.
5. Finish installing.

I quickly tested watching a DVD via Windows XP and it worked fine.

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