Canon EOS M Camera Neck Strap

This blog post is about a neck strap for the Canon EOS M camera.

Warning: Below I’m blogging about how I’ve attached straps to a camera. You’re responsible for any problems and costs that arise from using the information in my camera strap blog post!

A photo showing two Canon EOS M cameras with neck straps.


I’ve purchased two EOS M cameras second-hand via eBay and neither purchases came with a neck or wrist camera strap.

I searched for a neck strap and the official strap ‘might’ be called a Canon EM-E1. Also the end connector/lug might be similar to a Hasselblad’s connector. At one stage I seriously (probably unwisely) considered trying to use picture wire to try and attach a strap to the camera!

In the end I tried two cheap methods, which I will cover below.

Using the action camera connector

The first thing I did was cobble something together using a part I had from an old action camera connector and a neck strap from another camera.

A photo showing part of a camera strap on a connector.

Whilst I felt the above method was better than nothing, I didn’t like how the camera was connected as it was from underneath. On the rare occasions I removed both my hands from the camera, it was obviously left dangling upside down!

Using the Op/Tech System connectors for Super Pro A straps

I’ve built up a huge collection of cameras and I have plenty of straps not in use. So I decided to look at buying some connectors that would fit onto the ends of my existing straps.

A photo showing Op/Tech Super Pro "A" connectors in packaging.

I found the OP/Tech USA Super Pro “A” 1301022 online and ordered a couple of packets. I then removed the metal and plastic ends from the straps they came with and connected them to two of my old straps.

A photo showing a connector attached to a camera.

I’m not saying the fit is perfect with the strap, but I’m happy with the end result and I think I’ve saved myself some money. I now feel more confident, relaxed and happier when using the camera.

A photo showing a connector attached to a Canon EOS M camera.

Final thoughts

I did find a couple of EM-E1 straps for sale, but I felt the price I saw was too much and I was uncertain if it was for the EOS M or not.

I believe it’s important to have a strap with this camera that makes the camera feel more secure in my hand. I don’t think the EOS M is the easiest camera to hold, especially for my large hands and I’m glad I’ve worked out a solution I’m comfortable with.

I’ve also recently started attaching a vintage camera bracket to a Canon EOS M camera, which I find useful for close up photography.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I put my M in a small Camvate cage with a SmallRig side handle. With that setup, I just use an old Nikon strap I have. There are plenty of places to loop it through. I didn’t get the cage and handle specifically so that I’d have a place to attach the strap, though.