Bluetooth Inateck Keyboard Case BK2005 for the 10.5” Apple iPad Air 3 (Using with Android)

This is about how I’m using the Bluetooth Inateck Keyboard Case BK2005 meant for the Apple 10.5” iPad Air 3 with an Android phone.

Warning: I’ve not used the Inateck device with the Apple iPad Air 3. I don’t currently own any Apple iPad Air models, so please forgive any errors or mistakes in this blog post. Please don’t base any purchase upon this blog post and you’re responsible for any costs or problems that arise. I don’t suggest you buy this keyboard for using with a non-iPad device. This blog post isn’t providing a recommendation!

A photo of the Inateck keyboard case BK2005.


So I purchased a huge job lot of tablet cases, covers and pouches and included was this keyboard case. However I don’t own an iPad Air 3, but I wanted to see if I could use it with my phone!

A side view photo of the Inateck keyboard case BK2005.

This ‘how to’ blog post tells you how I connected the device to my phone and tells you a bit about the device itself.

I’m writing this blog post after using the device for a very short period of time and I continuously powered the keyboard via the micro USB port whilst testing.

About the Inateck BK2005 device

When you move the area of the case that would hold the iPad Air 3 to the position for writing, it holds that part of the case in position with magnetics, which also makes the Inateck think a tablet is present.

How to charge the Inateck BK2005

Connect a USB lead to the port on the right hand side of the device and it will show a red light to indicate it’s being charged. I believe when it has reached full charge the light will go green.

A photo showing the port on the Inateck BK2005.

A photo showing a green light on the Inateck BK2005.

How to pair the BK2005 to the tablet

  1. Move the case so that the device is locked in position.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your tablet/phone.
  3. On the BK2005 press the ‘fn’ button and then the ‘Bluetooth’ button and release.
  4. On the phone/tablet find the device and start the pairing.
  5. When the phone/tablet presents a pairing number, type this on the BK2005, followed by pressing the enter key.

How I place the phone

As you know this keyboard isn’t meant for use with a phone. Where I wanted to rest the phone was a large space in the case, so I decided to place a strip I removed from another case and then rest my phone on it!

A photo of a Inateck BK2005 case with a phone.

This is all rather temporary and I’m deciding whether to make permanent change to the case, but for the time being I’m just playing around.

A short review of the Inateck BK2005 keyboard

I’ve not used this keyboard with an Apple device, despite owning two Apple phones and two Apple tablets!

A photo showing the Inateck BK2005's keyboard.

I think the keyboard is easy to charge and there is a little holder for a stylus pen.

A photo of a closed Inateck BK2005 case.

I’m impressed by the keyboard and I think the keys are an okay size. I’ve had no problems typing at what I think is a reasonable speed. Whilst smaller than the keyboard I use with my desktop PC, I think the Inateck keyboard is good to use.

At the moment, I’ve only used the device for a very short period of time, but I find the case easy to store and I think it’s light.

Final thoughts

I purchased this keyboard as part of a massive job lot of items, and it cost me approximately me 18p GBP, which is very cheap! I didn’t buy the job lot for this keyboard, but I’m glad it was included.

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