Audacity Stereo Mix Not Working – Error Opening Sound Device (Solved)

This blog post is about when stereo mix doesn’t work in Audacity on Windows 10 and seeing the ‘error opening sound device’ message.

I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on a HP Compaq dx7500 and I’ve started to do some audio work and used stereo mix. Then a week or so later, I went to use Audacity and saw the following error:

Audacity - Error opening sound device

Error opening sound device. Try changing the audio host, recording device and the project sample rate.

Warning: Due to risks, please be careful running software as administrator and installing drivers and software. Please don’t hold me accountable for your actions.

The solution
What worked for me was running Audacity as an administrator, but failing that I would of tried reinstalling the sound drivers.

How to run Audacity as an administrator if you’re not logged in as an admin.
1. From the Start menu, right click on Audacity. 
2. From the menu options, click ‘More’ and then ‘Run as administrator’.Run As Administrator

As I found a solution, I decided to write this blog post and move on with another task. If anybody wants to provide feedback, please leave a comment. I hope the above information helps others.

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