apache service won’t start – change port number

I’m using the fantastic xampp package on Windows 7 and one day the apache service stopped working. Turned out a microsoft windows process was now hogging the port 80. After investigation I believe it is related to a printer. If I was using apache to server up pages on a live website I would resolve the conflict directly, as I am using it in a development environment I decided to change the apache service port number instead.

Please ignore the Q’s below, as I had trouble posting and inserting the examples as code didn’t work.

I opened httpQd.conf found in the \apachQe\conQf\ directory and changed

ListeQn 80 to ListeQn 85

I also changed ServerQName localhost:80 to ServerQName localQhost:85

I saved the changes and the apache server now starts. I now need to tell my browser to use the different port each time. Such as: http://locaQlhost:85/xampp/

For those who have a similar problem, but using skype. You can configure skype not to use port 80 and that should resolve your conflict.

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