An Error Occurred Applying Attributes to the File (Problem Solved)

This blog post tells you how I solved the “An Error Occurred Applying Attributes to the File” accompanied by “Access is denied” problem.

The “Error Applying Attributes” message for me looked like:

An edited screenshot of an error message.

Warning: You follow my instructions at your own risk! If you make any changes to files and folders following the steps below, you’re taking responsibility for any problems or costs!


I thought I had been successfully saving my Company of Heroes games, but when I looked my saved games were missing. It turns my games were not being saved. Okay, admittedly my CoH gameplay isn’t great, but I felt it was a shame.

My computer has gone through a lot of changes over the years, such as Windows 7 to 10 and then various 10 updates. I had created a couple of accounts in my Windows 10 and something along the way had gone wrong with some file and folder permissions.

I discovered the necessary CoH folder location was set to read only. Then when I tried to remove the ‘Read-only’ permission for all folders and files contained within my CoH directories I got the error. Below is what I did to solve the issue.

How to fix the error applying attributes problem:

  1. Right-click on the folder (and folders and files within that directory/folder) you need to change the attributes for and selected ‘Properties’.
  2. Select the ‘Security’ tab and then ‘Edit…’.
  3. Look for and then remove the tick in the box for ‘Deny’ for the ‘Write’ permissions.
  4. Select ‘Apply’ and then after choose ‘OK’.

An edited screenshot showing file and folder permissions.

If you happen to be looking for the Company of Heroes game folders where you will find saved games and screenshots, you might want to look in the path \Users\Username\Documents\My Games\.

Final thoughts

Now I’m able to save my CoH games, but since I’ve fixed the problem for my CoH install, I’ve not felt it necessary to save! Oh well, hopefully when I feel inclined to do so, I will still be able to.

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