3 / Three Mobile Phone Settings

I might be changing my mobile phone shortly, so took a moment to note down the 3 / Three mobile phone settings, just in case I need them at some stage. I thought I would share the details here, in case anyone else also requires the data, email, mms, voicemail etc settings. These settings were noted down in 2012.


Data Connection

Account name: 3

APN three.co.uk

User: (blank)

Password: (blank)


Network Settings

Network mode: Auto mode


3 voicemail

Voicemail name: 3 voicemail

Voicemail number: +447782333123


3 videomail

Videomail name: 3 videomail

Videomail number: +447782333123


Text message

Service centre: +447782000800

Status report: Off

Sent report: Off

Test message type: Text

Validity period: Max


Pic msg

Validity period: Max

Priority: Normal

Report allowed: On

Sent report: Off

Delivery report: Off

Read report: Off

Fetch mode: When on 3

Picture message playback: Automatic

Delivery size limit: 300KB

Reception size limit: 300KB

Profile: 3 MMS


3 MMS Profile

Profile name: 3 MMS

Service centre: http://mms.um.three.co.uk

Connection mode: HTTP(with proxy)

Proxy: mms.three.co.uk

Port: 8799

Data account: 3


Push Message

Receive push message: On



3 Mail – Account details (under section Email)

Account name: 3 Mail

Incoming mail server: imap.three.co.uk

Incoming mail port: 143

Username: 3Mail

Password: -=there were five characters with an asterix. sorry i don’t know password=-

Outgoing mail server: smtp.three.co.uk

Outgoing mail port: 25

Mailbox type: IMAP4

Mail address: 3Mail@3Mail.com

Access point: 3

Display name: 3Mail


3 Mail – Mail details (under section Email)

Reply including contents: NULL

Auto-retrieve time: Never

Max mail size: 500KB

Retrieve mode: Header only



Receive broadcast: Off

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