What is 8Bit Mammoth?

You can think of 8Bit Mammoth as a personal hobby and tech blog run by a chap called Andrew, living in the UK. This blog has content dating back to 2008 and rather than following trends, I write about what interests me or what I’ve recently been doing.

Okay, why is it called ‘8Bit Mammoth’?

The 8Bit is a nod to the past and love for tech. The mammoth was originally chosen due to my interest in the extinct woolly mammoth.

Does 8Bit Mammoth accept guest posts?

I will only consider guest posts that are great reads! No short articles that add little value and don’t fit with the blog, and no duplicate content. I demand articles extraordinaire!

Content must have at least a couple of unique images never used before, that can be used without fear of copyright or legal woes. Plus the blog post will be published with your full real name! Want to take on this challenge? Get in touch!