What is 8Bit Mammoth?

You can think of 8Bit Mammoth as a British Sunday Magazine of sorts, with a heavily dollop of ‘how to’, tips and reviews covering hobbies, lifestyle, tech, travel and much more!

Many years ago a lone mammoth happily wrote a personal blog, which surprisingly became bigger than the mammal himself. So he set out for pastures new, adapted and welcomed fellow contributors and thus 8Bit Mammoth was born. It is no-longer just a blog, but a brand and an online magazine.


What happened to the personal content?

8Bit Mammoth is all about personality. The majority of the personal content remains and indeed personal blog posts from the original mammoth will regularly appear. 8Bit Mammoth also strives to seek contributions from interesting and varied contributors.


Okay, why is it called ‘8Bit Mammoth’?

The 8Bit is a nod to the past and love for tech. The mammoth was original chosen due to the site owner’s love for history and an interest in the extinct woolly mammoth.


Does 8Bit Mammoth accept guest posts?

The 8Bit Mammoth team will only consider guest posts that are great reads! No nonsense of writing short articles that add little value. No we demand articles extraordinaire! No duplicate content, an image or two we can legally use without fear of copyright or legal woes, and an article that takes more than a minute to read. Plus the article will be published with your full real name! Want to take on this challenge? Get in touch!